BTCUSD weekend trading – Short term BUY

BTCUSD weekend trading –Bitcoin has confirmed the 15000 break by trending above 161.8 fibo level of the BLB breakout correction. There is likely chances that weekend trading of BTCUSD will push the market further up to 261.8 level (i.e the Bollinger Middle Band) at the price of $17000 per coin. If the price breaks 261.8 level, the next level will […]

Monthly Chart is the Key to Understanding Forex Market and to Trade Effectively

The use and understanding of simple moving average crossover system and use of 10 and 20 moving average or 10 and Bollinger band is the key to trading successfully in Daily time frame. All we need in monthly time frame is 10, 20/BMB 200 and 200 moving averages We trade 10 and 20/BMB crossover. Because it is a long time […]

The Monthly Information of 200 EMA and 400 EMA Crossover

The 200 and 400 EMA may serve as clue to understand market sentiments. This is subject to verification and test in other pairs and stock market to determine the validity. We have emphasized that for one to buy in the market, he has to see 10 EMA below 20 EMA/BMB and a trendline projected along the 10 EMA until a […]

The Role of 4000 EMA as Dynamic Control Mean Indispensable in Forex and Stock Trading

No one has ever thought of this moving average in history nor any article written about it. How does this EMA come about? I was doing a research to understand market behavior and limits of turning using moving average combining it with Newton’s 3rd law of motion that states that action and reaction are equal and opposite. If the law […]

Understanding False Breakout Using Trendline and SMA 1

A false break out occurs where a Trendline is broken and 10 SMA crosses the Trendline before 40 SMA. Price may remain in the bullish mode but it will eventually retest the lower band. Buy is then taken when price reached the Bollinger lower band. Another indicator for buy confirmation is that Bollinger lower band must have crossed the Trendline […]


GOLD ANALYSIS MONTHLY CHART. Gold has been correcting over some months to find significance support for its bullish movement in monthly Time frame. It is bound within a bearish wedge structure as it has carved out support trend line and until that structure breaks, we will have enough argument to go long. The chart above depicts the Elliot wave structure […]


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The Great Secret of Institutional Traders and Professional Alignment to Maximize Profits.

In one our articles, we discussed importance of Harami and Harami Divergence as Important Signal for price Correction and Reversal. In this article, we are going to discuss an important Candle Stick Signal Big players create and to see how we can understand, follow it, implement it and make profit in our trades. Before we proceed, let’s discuss this important […]

Big Friday – Gold move – Volatility or Trend? 1

Bracing up for Friday move… 09:30am – GBP: positive outcome – target should be 200pips and negative outcome – target should be 300pips. 01:30pm – USD: positive outcome – target should be 700 – 2000 pips and negative outcome – target should be 500 – 1000 pips. Don’t let the resultant move of the sell cloud your mind. Cautionary analysis: […]

Don’t Let This Rare Forex Technical Signal Go Unnoticed

Losing Money Trading Forex? This Might Be Why. When an unexpected shock comes to a financial market, you may see a gap of price action on the chart. A Gap in and of itself is neutral, however, when you identify what type of gap and where a gap happened you can begin to develop a trade based on the gap. […]

Weekly Gold Analysis using Wave Count.

The Gold has retraced to 161.8 after finding support at 261.8. The current level may attract sellers. We have establish the Fib level if sellers are serious to take gold down to 261.8. Using Trendline confirmation. Signals confirmation in Wave points using Bollinger Bands Daily Overview of the Trendline and Wave count Break of 100 Fib level is a required […]